Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Babies

I battled the pink tub and I won! Yay me! Just had to get that out of my system.

My Babies (Flash and Patches are nearly five years old now, but they're the Babies) are having a difficult time here in Tulsa. They've never lived outside of Florida, tho they've vacationed in Atlanta, so they don't know from snow and ice. They don't seem to mind it so much, but the melt makes for much mud, which they bring in on their furry legs. Then they are sent to the cold, dark garage till I dry them off. They don't really appreciate that much. Poor Babies.

There seem to be two Australian Shepherds next door -- a couple of red tri's -- who keep Patches entertained for what seems an eternity. If you're familiar with Aussies, you know that they are very much like children, pretending not to hear you if it's inconvenient to them. I can call and call, but if she's talking to her friends on the other side of the fence she won't come in till she's ready, or I stomp out in her direction. They talk very loudly, so I think one of them must be deaf. Maybe that's why she won't come when I call. And maybe my kids are deaf. Right.

One of the grand differences between Orlando and Tulsa is that my Babies seem to be welcome in many places here. Dogs aren't allowed at beaches or parks or virtually anywhere in Central Florida. Here, as long as you clean up after them, you can take them anywhere. We had a near 70 degree day yesterday and hit a local park. Everyone was out enjoying the weather, walking or running with their dogs! I might bring the Babies to church this weekend, really push to see if they're welcome everywhere. I have just enough time to stitch up a button down and tie for Flash and a cute polka dot dress for Patches (she likes polka dots).

Until I write again ...



jeni said...

Admit it, Flea. You became one with the pink. Pliers, schmiers....I know you're having a faint pricking of your heart towards the pink. You know, it's close to the purple family. Pink and purple are friends! :) I love the idea of Flash and Patches in their "church wear." Cute! But, what about Louie? Won't he feel left out? :)

Flea said...

Louie's a cat! And he's Nathaniel's cat, so Nathaniel will have to come up with appropriate church attire for Lou. And I am NOT at one with the pink! Not not not! So there. Ew. :)