Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Everybody Put a Sweater On

Y'know, I just like the way that title sounds. Nathaniel is wrapped in the camouflage blanket Grandma helped him make telling everyone to put a sweater on because he's cold. That's my job! I'm cold -- bundle up. I'm not feeling well -- you go take your vitamins. What he's really doing is wandering around so as not to do his schoolwork.

One of the things we Floridians are adjusting to here in Tulsa is the cold. It's not out of the ordinary, in Central Florida, to experience a couple of cold days. Shoot, it might even stay cold for three or four days at a time. But it climbs back up into the 70's and 80's in no time. I think the kids and I are waiting for it to climb back up into at least the 60's. I know Louie's waiting for warmer weather.
How odd to be cold for so long. How odd to repeat my winter wardrobe twice a week (I've really go to go shopping!).

The thing that's really unusual for us, I think, but highly enjoyable (from indoors), is the wind. When I was in college here (too long ago to mention dates, so don't ask), I always thought that Tulsa should have been nicknamed The Windy City. Going to classes in a skirt in 30 degree wind was never a treat. But now, in jeans and a sweater, I LOVE the wind. The sound from indoors is beautiful. The wind adds to the tactile, auditory experience of our Tulsa adventure, for sure.

Maybe we'll head to the park today and enjoy the cold and wind with the Babies. I'm sure Flash and Patches will love it. I know I will.

Until I write again ...


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