Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cute Little Ol' Things

I was gonna tell y'all a story about my cute little seedlings. I even wrote out a couple of paragraphs, but when I read them back I realized there was nothing even mildly amusing about seedlings. I'm gonna tell it anyway.

About the time my cute little seedlings starting comin' up (sometime early last week), I came home from the grocery to find my tiny sunflower babies all broken over and sad looking. My poor babies! Turns out Mae and Oliver were having some kind of fight with the couch cushions and someone missed. How do I retaliate for my little baby sunflowers? I don't.

Last night darlin' baby Libby, my adorable niece, had her 2nd birthday party (no, she hasn't skipped any parties - she's actually two), so I dropped off Mae and Than before I took Oliver to basketball. My other most darlin' niece, Macy, dragged me in to see HER new seedlings, all leggy and reaching for the sun like mine. And soaked to the gills with daily waterings.

Today the baby seedlings let me know that they needed more sun (ok, my mom really let me know that), so I set them out on the front porch. They're getting used to not only the sun, but this wild Oklahoma wind. The poor little things aren't all reaching in one direction anymore, but are all tangled up with each other!

Tomorrow I'm going to plant my dahlia and lily bulbs, but not the precious little seedlings. They're not ready. What kinds of baby plants? Lobelia, Sweet William, Sunflower, Campanula, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, lavender, chives, chili peppers, cosmos. Fun stuff.

Until I write again ...


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