Monday, February 12, 2007

The Life and Times of ...

... Louie!

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, lived a beautiful Princess named Cyndi who was caught in the clutches of an evil DrugLord. Princess Cyndi tried desperately to escape the addiction of the dark lord, to no avail. Her friends and family were in despair, as there was a chasm which separated them from the princess. Was there no hope for our imprisoned princess?

But wait! In the chasm lay a force. A force so strong that it stopped Cyndi's ears to the cries of her friends. This force was not the key to freedom, but the first stepping stone on Cyndi's path, and not one that any of her friends could reach. The force was ... (du du duuuuu) Pretty Girl! An ordinary calico cat and Princess Cyndi's last responsibility. Could no one care for her Pretty Girl long enough for the princess to go through rehab? It seemed that no one could. The friends who truly loved her were all allergic to cats! And Pretty Girl came with the added bonus of two lovely orange KITTENS!

Enter JoAnne, a loving friend who has found homes for many of Cyndi's past stepping stones and is at her wits end, as the princess has agreed to rehab if shelter can be found for her beloved Pretty Girl and kittens. No one wants to care for another stepping stone. No one, that is, but the unsuspecting Flea! And her three children! Flea and her children agree to shelter the felines for a couple of days, until family can be found.

Du du duuuu (I love sound effects -- play along). Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice, I mean, in the Christenson household, Flea's husband has agreed to spare cats for just a couple of days, but is not happy about the arrangement. As Flea assuages him, and the children tend to the cats' every need, the lovely JoAnne is having a difficult time finding the princess' family. Two days slowly turns into a month. And the Christenson laundry room is now the cat room.

The tide turns! A family member is found! And is shamelessly guilted -- I mean, selflessly agrees to take in the mother cat. The lovely JoAnne finds a home for one of Pretty Girl's kittens, but whatever will become of the other adorable orange kitten? (Before any of you start emailing and asking to care for the kitten -- well, just keep reading) Nathaniel, the youngest Christenson child, is heartbroken at the thought that the kittens he's worked so hard to care for are leaving. CAN'T HE JUST HAVE A PET OF HIS OWN? cries the seven year old boy.

Understand, the Christenson household is already blessed, at this time, with a dog, a cat and a gecko. This after the departure of the parrot and the bunnies of recent time. Another animal is out of the question. However, Nathaniel throws himself on the mercy of the Daddy and implores his father for his very own kitten. After much begging the Daddy's heart is softened, out of love for his son, and the orange kitten -- Louie -- becomes part of the family. Louie the Loud.

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