Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Gone!

Oo la la! The Good Flea is the new, glamorous Flea! It's amazing how voluminous ten inches of hair seems when it's gone. But it's amazing how little it seems when the stylist holds it up and does a Comanche yell after she's cut it off. It really is a pitiful amount. But it's being sent off to Locks of Love in Lake Worth, FL. I was surprised to learn that it was a Florida based organization, but it says so on their website:

No, I don't have eyes. I take things in by osmosis. The glasses are there so people aren't too repulsed when they look at me, kinda like in cartoons when people only have glasses and no eyes.

Yes, this is a short post. I'm still sick. Early to bed.

Until I write again ...



jeni said...

Bee-yoo-ti-ful!! I can't believe you had 10 inches! You always had it twisted up or partially up. Was it all the way down to your waist? I haven't cut mine yet. I need to soon though because it's getting long!! You're lookin' good, girl! Miss you here in Florida. Get better!

Karate Mom said...

But...but...but...IT'S GONE!! And it was all curly and thick and bee-yoo-ti-ful! And red! You have my DREAM HAIR! Just last week in Bible study it was allll I could do not to lean forward and run my fingers through your pony tail! I didn't, though, because
1.) Really, I just met you and I thought you might think I was a little weird and
2.) Well, that was really the only reason!
Oh well, it went for a good cause! I can't wait to see the new 'do on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

You did it :) It looks great short, but do you miss it? You have such gorgeous hair. Mine has finally gotten to where I am happy with it again.
Hmmm I have to choose an identity? LOL I guess this means I have to set up an account. Or do I? Ahhh figured it out... I think. I am an "other"

Flea said...

I LOVE it! But mostly because I know i can grow it out again. I'm glad yours is back to where you like it. Talk about beautiful hair!