Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Sensible Man

Thank God for a sensible husband! If any of you have seen my family photo gallery (pictures I took after moving from Florida to Tulsa in the middle of WINTER! --, you know that my dining room wall is covered in shades of purple paint chips. I have no purple in my new house, as my favorite aunt so graciously pointed out, and I am doing everything in my power to remedy that situation. Not that purple is my favorite color (green), but I think every house needs a block of purple somewhere.

Our first house, in Fredericksburg, VA, had deep purple kitchen counter tops (a horrible mistake). The nursery in that home was lavender and beautiful. The master bath, with it's lovely picture window, was a garish orchid -- a mix of violet and bubble gum pink. Our second home had a deep lavender bathroom and soft wisteria painted over our bed. Both tastefully done, in my opinion. But our new home is all browns and greens with nary a trace of purple.

The paint chip wall: When we moved into this house (which I adore), the dining room wall was covered in ugly wallpaper, with a nailed on chair rail/border thing. The paper was peeling and came off right away. Okay, so it didn't really come off. I managed, after 3 days with a bottle of Diff and a scraper, to declare that Moby Dick had bested me and I'd never get the paper off. Not before ruining the wall, taking off part of the dry wall. There were 2 layers of wall paper and I SWEAR the bottom one was applied with Liquid Nail.

Bottom line -- something has to be done to cover that wall. Chris actually suggested one evening, while in a playful mood, that I make multiple trips to Lowes and collect paint chips till I have enough to make a mosaic on the dining room wall. I thought that was a fabulous idea! Silly man, suggesting such a wonderful thing if he didn't mean it. It would be a very simple thing to make a paint chip mosaic. I've even since considered collecting bags of glass chips every time I visit Hobby Lobby or Michaels and creating a real mosaic.

Today I was not so patient. Having an ugly, unfinished wall makes me feel poor and dirty. Don't know why, it just does. So I went to the garage and grabbed the 12 pound bucket of spackle. Do you know where this is heading? It says RIGHT ON THE BUCKET that the spackle can be used to texture walls! I had it out and was considering what kind of texture I wanted to go for (the kind you make with the knife after you ice a cake, the little starbursts, knock down, erratic amateur look -- I was leaning in that direction), when Chris came home from Oliver's basketball game (which they won -- yay Oliver!) and asked why I had the spackle out. At first I was pretty put out that he wouldn't let me texture the wall -- didn't even ask what kind of texture I was going for! Now that I think about it, though, he was probably right to stop me. It gives me more time to collect paint chips.

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