Friday, February 9, 2007


There are days it pays to homeschool, even if it's just the humor paycheck. Nathaniel was sick yesterday and today Mae has a stuffy nose and sore throat. In fact, she's not talking, but writing notes. And writing angry notes at me for correcting her spelling. I hear Oliver in the next room asking Nathaniel what shape bacteria cause sore throats. He seems excited that he can actually use something he's recently learned in science, as well as stump his little brother. And poor Nathaniel is answering things like "plants" and "chlorophyll". The answer seems to be spiral, if my eavesdropping serves well. This seems to have led to an impromptu science quiz. Homeschooling is good.

Speaking of science, our family, including Grandma, went to see Bill Nye the Science Guy at the local community college. We're huge Bill Nye fans and we arrived half an hour early to get seats. Nowhere near early enough. We managed to make it into the auditorium, but there were no seats and we stood along the wall for the first half of Bill's talk. Science rebels that we are, we were kicked out by the fire marshal. Exciting and sad all at once.

Top soil and saber tooth lions -- the science quiz continues. And now we've moved on to reproduction. Did you know that we reproduce because people die? And we need to keep replacing them? Time to step in.

Until I write again ...



Marguerite said...

Bill Nye! Yay!

Flea said...

I wish. He was funny and I wanted to stay for the entire thing! Stupid fire marshal. Did you know that Bill Nye's dad wrote a book about sundials in Maryland and Virginia?