Monday, March 12, 2007

Any Recommendations?

I keep reading other people's books and marveling at their work. I try not to read things I won't like. Is that really possible? To read voraciously and avoid things you don't like? I don't think so. For instance, I discovered Anna Quindlen a couple of months ago and was hooked. Read a couple of her books, then read The Blessings. I didn't exactly hate it, but it just felt wrong, from beginning to end. Especially the end. I wish now that I hadn't read it.

Recently I read one of Kathy Moser's books, never having read her work. I blogged about it a bit ago, so I won't rehash it, but I was disappointed. I'd read about her and heard others talk about her work, so decided to give her a shot. Ugh. I'm thinking maybe it's like The Blessings, not her best work (The Steadfast Surrender), but I keep reading rave reviews about it. So I probably won't read any more of her stuff.

I'm guilty of reading the same authors over and over till I've exhausted their body of work. I think I've read most or all of Alton Gansky's stuff - mysteries and thrillers. Nearly all of C. S. Lewis. Most of Eva Marie Everson. For Pete's sake, I'm reading Leon Uris, a favorite from high school. Some authors I tired of after a couple of books, some I wish I would have tired of after a couple (Zane Gray and Louis L'Amour in high school - read them ALL). But I'm dying for new authors. Anyone?

I'll tell you who I've recently discovered (thru friends, events, online lists, etc.) that I'm enjoying: Sue Monk Kidd, Steven James, Lily King and (aforementioned) Anna Quindlen. Please share your likes and loves? Linda tells me she like Beverly Lewis and I intend to try one of her books. After that, I'm lost. Leave a comment, please?

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Flea said...

Y'know, I said that "other people's books" like I've written a book of my own. I haven't. Just needed to clarify before someone starts asking where they can find my book. :P