Thursday, March 15, 2007


One walk down, a lifetime to go.

Chris and I took our first nighttime Tulsa walk last night, just checking out the neighborhood. He was greatly offended by the reproductive activity of the trees around us. Says it smells gross. But the night air was cool and inviting. And the Bradford pears are even more beautiful at night, looking as tho a heavy snow fell and missed everything else.

Chris is a talker, making most of my married girlfriends jealous. He's a communicator, not just of facts and stats, but a deep emotional well. I'm not, really. Just a listener. But there's something about a starry night and a crisp breeze that brings out the words. Maybe it's just walking next to someone in the dark, not being able to look them in the face, that brings thoughts more readily to the tongue. But I'm really looking forward to more nighttime walks and talks.

I know, I know, today's short. Not as short as yesterday! But I have mucho smocking to do for my brother's 3 delicate beauties before Easter. So --

Until I write again ...


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