Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Day at the Beach

For all of my Florida friends who wonder how I could leave the beach, here is a picture of a local beach, about 45 minutes from the house. No jellyfish, riptides, sharks or girls in thong bikinis. Granted, it's a bit remote and wild. And it was an extremely windy day that wore us all out. But, as you can see by the sign, it's a beach.

Beware: I took 130 pictures and will be posting more shortly!

This coming weekend we'll be visiting a nearby park that's known for it's rock climbing. Stay tuned for pictures!

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

HEY! Is that at Keystone Lake?

Flea said...

Why yes! Yes it is! Walnut Creek State Park, in fact.

Karate Mom said...

I have a very special place in my heart for Walnut Creek (and Walnut Creek II) because that's where we always go when we go to the lake. We never go to Grand Lake, we never go to Skiatook Lake, we always go to Walnut Creek!
*sigh* I can't wait for lake weather again!

Flea said...

It's wonderfully remote. But as a fair redhead, prone to sunburns, I think I preferred Tenkiller's little stream and all it's trees. We probably won't make it back to either for awhile. Too many places to explore! We LOVE Oklahoma!

And I'm so glad my friend is a Jeenyus! :) You're smart enough to live in Tulsa!

Karate Mom said...

Well, see, I'm married to an Injun and have two little savages who step into the sun for two minutes and are brown like chocolate, so we don't tend to worry about sunburn around here!
I'm glad you're loving Oklahoma so much!