Saturday, March 3, 2007

How to Kill a Husband

Here's my all time favorite salmon recipe. I'm sharing it with y'all in the hope that someone else will get good use out of it, since I can't make it any more. I'll tell you why in a minute.

one or two fresh salmon fillets
capers, drained
honey or brown sugar
cookie sheet

Place a length of foil for each fillet on the cookie sheet, then place a fillet on each one, skin side down, flesh side up. Sprinkle dill on each fillet, maybe a little black pepper and a touch of garlic if it pleases you. Drizzle a generous amount of honey or brown sugar on the salmon. Top with lots of yummy capers. The sweet and salty on the fish is wonderful! Wrap in the foil and place, cookie sheet and all, in the oven, preheated to about 350. Bake about half an hour, or however long it takes your particular fillet to cook till the fish flakes. We like ours served with steamed broccoli and brown rice with butter.

Even the kids love this dish. My husband and I think it tastes wonderful. But my husband can't eat it anymore because it tries to kill him. I made this two nights ago, having not cooked salmon for well over a year, and he had a horrible reaction to it, his throat starting to close and his chest tightening. Scary. Took a Benadryl. He had a similar, milder reaction a couple of years ago, but I thought enough time passed to make a difference. After all, his lactose intolerance went away. Evidently fish allergies are lifelong, only getting worse with time.

So y'all enjoy that salmon for me. Maybe serve it if I come to visit.

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

Awwww, MAN, that sounds so good! Too bad I don't really like salmon. :)
But the capers and brown sugar and dill sound fantastic! I wonder, would it taste the same on, say, chicken? Or pork? Or maybe I could just mix it up and eat it with a spoon? (I love sweet and salty together!)

Flea said...

Sweet and salty are a good combination in Ben n Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream. :) How do you think I got this body? You might be surprised and find you like salmon this way.