Monday, March 19, 2007

Lou the Loud

Lou the Loud, Nathaniel's cat, has taken to Tulsa at last. Well, at least he's taken to our neighborhood. And mostly at night. One of us lets him out just before bed so he can roam. I'm guessing that that's when the neighboring dogs are asleep. Believe you me, this neighborhood has many, many dogs. Thankfully our neighbors (I just really like the word neighbor. Can you tell?) keep their dogs fenced. I've yet to see any, other than ours, roaming. We seem to be the exception to the rule, but only because the gate latch is broken still.

So Lou the Large is no longer so large, losing weight since his arrival here. Not that he was a morbidly obese cat in Florida, but he definitely had a pudge thing going on. His food bowl was on its own counter at our last house, always full, and he had access to it at all times. Now his food bowl lives on the pantry floor and that door stays closed during the day so the Babies don't eat his food. He's really only able to eat at night, once everyone has retired and the lights are all out. He is out as well.

So when does he eat, you ask? Did I not tell you at what point he is let in from his adventuring? About four or five in the morning, Lou the Extremely Loud stands under my bedroom window and yells at me till I get up and open the back door for him. And why, you might ask, does Chris not let Lou in? Originally Chris would get up to let Lou in (I'm a sound sleeper and it takes awhile for the cat in my dream to become a waking Lou). Once he had the back door open, Lou would stand and meow at Chris, not coming in till I came to the door. We think it has something to do with the two day drive halfway across the country with Chris, Mae and the two dogs in the little pick-up truck. That and the first week or so in Tulsa when Lou took his anger out on Oliver's mattress, which didn't make Chris happy one bit. So now I let Lou in.

So yes, Lou the Loud is adjusting to our new home. The Babies are adjusting, just happy to be near us. The kids are adjusting well, enjoying their Tae Kwon Do and basketball, church groups and activities. Chris and I are just adoring the weather - our windows were open the last month and we've just turned on the AC (only because the tree reproduction was driving our eyes and noses crazy). Now if we could just convince some of you out-of-towners to come and visit!

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

I LOVE the image of Lou, sitting there, going, "Yeah, right, old man. Now go get my REAL owner to let me in!"
Cats are SO FUNNY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the "OLD MAN" :)

That cat is not FUNNY.