Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where's My Book?!?

I don't have any fun books on my nightstand! They're all good for me books. :( Don't get me wrong - they're also good books. Just not novels. Looks like I'm going to be reading my vitamins till I get back to the library.

Actually, I'm about a third of the way thru God's Joyful Surprise: Finding Yourself Loved and am really enjoying it. She's a very type A personality who lived like most other type A Christians did -- very busy for God and everyone else. God got her attention. I'm resonating with it, but I complained to my husband this week that I never read any helpful books written by type B personalities specifically addressing how they overcame their sluggish issues. FlyLady is the closest thing I've found to being "me".

Maybe I should write my own book chronicling my journey. The biggest problem with that is that I haven't really overcome anything. By myself, with God, in any way shape or form. Dang! I guess that means I can't write a book -- at least not one packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Maybe just one with anti-oxidants.

Y'all, my computer's giving me grief, so I'm gonna scoot. The entire screen on my laptop is coming off, so I have it propped up nine ways to Sunday. My husband's been offering to get me a new laptop for a year now, but this one has continued to work, even with the screen half detached. Even now, the screen completely unattached, I'm typing away, logging on to the internet. It's just more difficult. Lending itself to shorter posts.

Until I write again ...


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