Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bird Lady

It's Saturday morning. I'm sitting on my couch, waiting for my coffee to steep (LOVE my French press!) and listening to the doves coo in the front yard. Beautiful things, nesting on the side of my house. Doves of Insanity.

Just after we moved in I purchased a cheap bird feeder and hung it off the back porch (a lean-to, really). It took the birds about a week to find it, and at first I was filling the feeder once a week. The little critters come and go as they please, throwing seed down to the birds on the ground. We began looking for certain birds, asking my mom what some of them are. Lots of common sparrows, a few finches of death, several doves of insanity (Chris and the kids like to name things), a cardinal or two.

I filled it yesterday and now it's empty. We had a feeding frenzy yesterday, during the cold, rain and hail. Bird poo everywhere. My brother, during the frenzy, even had the bright idea of throwing our large rubber snake onto the porch. That didn't keep them away. Not that I'd want to keep them away, mind you. But the pigs totally cleaned out the feeder in one day!!!

So now I'm listening to the doves of insanity cooing in the front yard, wondering what we've gotten ourselves into. What fun! We'll see, won't we?

Until I write again ...

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