Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Days of Our Lives

It's amazing how ordinary life can be at times. And it's amazing how absolutely comforting that can be.

Lately things here have been going pretty smoothly. There's still some emotional turmoil (will the kids do ok in school? will we ever make friends? can I pass the math portion of the GRE? will Chris ever teach Oliver to shave? can I send Mae to an all girl school?), but for the most part things are cool. The drama which once ruled our lives is on the back burner and I can't begin to tell you how good that feels.

So when will it flare up again? This is life, after all, and to engage in life, to embrace "here", is to encounter flare ups, drama. Does it matter when? I'm going to embrace the relative serenity of now and not borrow tomorrow's trouble. But I'm sure I'll have something exciting to write about soon. Maybe a rejection letter from a grad school.

Speaking of grad school, I was reading over the course descriptions for the MA in Religion from RTS.
The classes made my heart race! They even have a C. S. Lewis elective! Oh, to be in school NOW! I think the hardest thing will be waiting till the kids go to school.

And speaking of kids and school, I need to check their math progress. Fortunately Mae and Oliver are learning about angles. Good GRE prep.

Until I write again ...


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