Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Maaaaagic

I ... have a magic computer.

It's true. I'm sure I've told y'all before about this pathetic little falling apart Dell laptop? The springs in the monitor are broken and missing so I hold the screen with my left hand and type with my right. Then I prop it, screen up, when I shut it off. The plastic strip surrounding the on/off button is always popping up and I have to snap it back into place. It's amazing the thing still boots.

None of that is magic; just sad. Today the magic happened. Nathaniel was sitting on my favorite end of the couch then decided to stand and turn, catching the cord with his foot and pulling the computer off of the coffee table and onto the floor. My mommy senses started tingling so I ran in from the next room to see what was the matter and found my pathetic laptop laying on the floor IN TWO PIECES!!! Horror! Oh the humanity!

I scooped up the keyboard in one hand and the monitor in the other then set them gingerly on the table. Okay, so it was in the three pieces. I had to grab the plastic strip that surrounds the on/off button and replace it. Then I pushed the button. Aaaaaand ... here I am! Pretty cool, huh? And that's with another piece that I don't know to what it goes. I'm assuming it's cosmetic.

Until I write again (with my one little hand) ...



Marguerite said...

You know I have connections in the computer world. Just sayin's all.

Flea said...

And you can get me a free laptop? :) For which I could send you boxes of Star Wars dolls - er, figures.

Seriously, I'm looking at grad school, distance education. We're talking about part of my student loan to buy a good laptop. Let me know what you recommend?

Marguerite said...

Free, not so much, but help to find good deals certainly. :) Just email Brandon and you should be good to go.

Flea said...

Will do. I think I'm closing in on being ready for a new one.

Dave Bahm said...

My Dear Friend Flea,
I wish I could buy a new Apple MacBook Pro for you. Mine has a magnetic plug, so if little Nathaniel trips over it, or if I'm at your house browsing eBay and you make popcorn for all of us, not watching where you're going due to excessing talking and missing the movie, and trip over the cord, making popcorn fly all over the room and you do a faceplant into the rug or sofa, the magnetic plug will simply pop off, not damaging the computer. Then we can all laugh and be at ease because the $3,000 Mac is safe and sound.

Dave =c)

Flea said...

I'm sure you'd just like to see me do a face plant. :P Shoot, I'D like to see me do a face plant. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

Seriously, I'd like to have my very own new laptop. Every computer I've had was originally someone else's. I'm not complaining about that, but it would be fun to mutilate one all by myself.

So when are you all coming out to visit?

Karate Mom said...

Once? A few years ago? I washed and dried Troy's Palm Pilot with the laundry and then it worked for at least two more years. Then? Last year? (I'm typing this like I'd say it in conversation, BTW) I washed my cell phone in the washing machine and it still works, camera and all! Amazing!
I'm glad your computer still works.
Oh, and I myself want to see the faceplant and flying popcorn!

Flea said...

LOL!!! I'll have you and Troy over when Dave and Jennifer come.

I dropped my cell phone (years ago when I had one) in the dish water. I took it apart and blow dried it and it worked. But I'm surprised - nay, shocked - that your electronics survived both washer and dryer! Mae's ipod shuffle didn't even put up a struggle when it went thru the wash and dry. You're magic.

Dave Bahm said...

Hi Flea,
I should call you soon...lots going on. Not sure when we will be able to travel there because our original summer plans have changed. Jon, our 17-year-old, moved here from his Dad's in AL on Jan. 1st, and now he's decided that was a mistake and wants to move back. So, a decent amount of drama in our house, but his Dad is okay with Jon returning and I am ready to pack his bags for him. He's basically a lazy kid, always has been, and fabricated his reason to move here (saying that there was pressure to join gangs in his school in AL). He admitted Sunday that he did this avoid pressure from his Dad and stepmom to do his schoolwork and get a part time job. Thing is, Jen and I are doing the same thing here AND the Colorado school system demands more from him. We also don't have the funds to buy "extra" stuff for him, and we can't buy a car for him either (he has a small truck in AL). So, he's failing nearly all of his classes and said he thought the grass was greener on the other side, so to speak, before he moved back out here. There are lots more details, but that summarizes the situation. His brother, Chris, is self-motivated, so when he gets lazy we can get him back on the path. Jon doesn't care, and left to his own, would watch TV and be on the computer all day. The only thing has followed through with and does well at is Martial Arts, getting close to a black belt now.

I grit my teeth and am cordial to him, but Jen and I feel played. Thank God I got a vasectomy.


Flea said...

LOL! Sorry to laugh at your pain, but the vas comment was too much. Dude, blended families have got to be the most difficult thing in the world to make work. The fallout from divorce is long-term, huh? I'm praying for you all. I'm sure you love Jon and that makes it more difficult.

If it helps any (I know it doesn't) my kids play me all the time. Kids really are, for the most part, brilliant. If we could just harness that energy ...