Sunday, April 8, 2007

Joyous Resurrection!

Good morning All! Easter has begun and the sunrise in Tulsa is beautiful! I have dropped Mae and Oliver at church for the sunrise service and am enjoying my morning coffee much earlier than usual, grateful for its warmth. It's a chilly 34 degrees out there. Glorious!

Today promises to be sweet. Chris and I were asked to greet at the East entrance at church this morning (a newbie job), then the early service for us. Afterwards we'll come home, with just Nathaniel, and cook! We're headed to my brother's for lunch and I'm making the asparagus and spinach. Yum. The best part of the day, and I'm sure the children will disagree, is that I didn't buy a boatload of chocolate.

The worst part of the day will probably be my decision to wear my sparkly flip flops with my Easter outfit, while I stand at the door in the cold. So be it. Tis a Bohemian Easter for me, in a linen blouse and broomstick skirt, anklet and toe ring. Can't seem to shake Florida. :)

Let's not forget what today's about. I was attempting to reflect on the Resurrection this morning, in gratitude, but it was difficult. Granted, I'm grateful for the life Christ offers because of it. But it struck me that His Resurrection wasn't so miraculous. How on earth could God stay dead? Even for a minute? What's miraculous is that He stayed dead 3 whole days!! I realize that's probably bordering on blasphemy, but it amazes me. What's even more miraculous is that God died in the first place. That He let Himself be killed. What the heck?! So I find myself wondering what kind of God I believe in. What kind of God suffers? Wouldn't that be the very opposite of the kind of Deity you'd want to believe in? But see, it's not that He just suffered, but that it was a conscious choice. Again, what was He thinking?

I think I'm most grateful for His death. Knowing He can relate to heartache, pain, tragedy. I wouldn't want to go thru something painful with someone who can't suffer. That would suck. I'd feel like pond scum, y'know?

Enough of suffering. Y'all have a blessed day.

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

So, do you have frostbitten toes? I hope might impede your quest to become a true Karate Mom! It's hard to kick when you're toes are breaking off right and left!

This is a great post! I love your point of view, the "spin" so to speak! Not "spin" in a bad, five 'o' clock news way, mind you...maybe perspective is a better word?

Flea said...

Y'know what's funny? Late last night Chris asked me about church and what was going on in my head, so I told him about this and how the service furthered it. He was thinking something similar! Do he and I look alike yet? Scary!