Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rise and Shine!

My sleepy headed children are filtering down the stairs at 9:15. Mae's braces finally woke her, I think, as she's playing with them now. I can't imagine having foreign objects in my mouth all the time, waking up to them and wondering what's in my mouth (I would probably wake up every morning for 2 years and wonder what the heck was in my mouth).

Oliver, the first one up, was awakened by the birds. He comes down, fully dressed, chattering about the finches, cardinals and doves, who were evidently fighting over breakfast with some crows. The bird feeder is nearly directly under his window and I suspect he doesn't get much schoolwork done because of it.

Nathaniel has been awake a bit but has chosen the warm bed over the cool dining room. I know this because there's a window cut into his room which looks down on the living room. He's just now gotten out of bed and has turned on the audio of A Cricket in Times Square.

Aaaand ... it's time for breakfast! Y'all have a nice day. I plan to!

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

Ahhhh, I really do love mornings. My kiddos usually come in and climb into bed with me, where I'm usually reading or *ahem* surfing and reading blogs!
Hey, lady, where WERE you at karate last night? Hmmmmm? *taps foot*

Flea said...

I had a really rough day and wasn't up to it. And I decided to wait (again) till after the tournament. Aaaand ... I really hate my one pair of powder blue sweats and refuse to wear them. I'm going to get new sweats today. Is that enough excuses? :)

Karate Mom said...

Okay, missy, but just this ONE TIME! I'd better not hear the "blue sweats" excuse again! :) Tee hee!

Flea said...

I went to Salvation Army and got a DIFFERENT pair of blue sweats. :)

Anonymous said...

i do not get up at 9:00 am. i get up at a reasonalble time (7:00) thank you very much