Tuesday, April 24, 2007

O Orthodontia!

O Orthodontia! O Orthodontia! How we revere our beloved Orthodontia!

Mae finally got both top and bottom braces today! Poor thing is making herself a protein shake for lunch. It hurts. Doubly so, I'm guessing, because they had to remove the old top braces.

It's difficult to empathize with her since I've never had anything other than fillings. The most I know to do is to let her eat pudding and soup on days like this. Give her Advil. Can anyone help me?

On a different note, I'm an aunt again! One of my favoriter brother-in-laws is a new daddy as of Sunday night! Jordan Christenson weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz. How exciting! I find myself remembering the few months he lived with us when Mae was tiny and I was pregnant with Oliver. Brett would bring home Snickers bars for me. Is there a better way to become a favorite?

One of my other favoriter brother-in-laws (I won't mention names) had best get my sister a baby dog for her birthday. :) I promise I won't smock for the puppy.

Until I write again ...