Friday, May 25, 2007

My Favorite Things

I love friend Lisa's lists on her blog! She recently started a list of things she's horrible at, so I thought maybe I'd do a list of things I'm good at. Then I realized what a short post this would be. Hm.

So here, instead, is a list of my favorite things:

Each of my children - different ones on different days. :)

The birds which come to the feeder in my backyard, especially the Finch of Death and the Dove of Insanity.

Cheesecake. Self explanatory.

My darling husband, Chris, whose cardio exam came back healthy and good. Yay!

My Crocs, which ensure my feet stay soft and pretty.

My ramshackle laptop.

My Babies, Flash and Patches, psycho as they are.

My adorable nieces, Alison, Macy, Libby, Jamie and Jordan.

Lou the Loud.

My books! Books! Books!

The phenomenal weather in my new town of Tulsa.

And now you know.

Until I write again ...


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