Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Time

My friend Lisa, the Karate Mom, is worried that I'm not posting. She's afraid I've been eaten by a tiger! No no no. I've been eaten by the end of school. By summer stretching ahead of us in a new and foreign place, By indecision and lack of funds.

We've officially stopped schoolwork now, which is nice. We've been to the library twice this week, looking for books from the kids' summer reading lists. It's been very cool to see my children look forward to reading books. Nathaniel would still rather listen to books (he's listening to a Roald Dahl right now), but his reading has improved and he's learning to enjoy books on his own.

I wanted to take the kids out to a park today, get them out and run their legs off somewhere, but it's a rain day here. Not that that's a bad thing. I LOVE rain in Tulsa. Maybe I'll shove the kids out into the rain. Maybe I'll go out and get wet as well. Yes! That's what we'll do. Head to a park, with the dogs, and get soaked.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

So, did you go and play in the rain? Sounds like fun. I love it when it is just raining, no thunder and lightning.

Flea said...

No. :( I took the kids out for lunch, drove around a bit and wound up at ORU. It's a pretty campus. The rain had stopped by then, so we walked the campus. We'll have another chance tomorrow.

Have y'all had any rain yet?