Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No Love Bugs?

Mae asked me last week when the love bugs come out in Oklahoma. Poor Florida thing. I had to explain that there are no love bugs in Oklahoma, but there will probably be June bugs, which will make her flesh crawl if they touch her. I certainly won't miss love bugs, their soft bodies eroding the paint on my car, but the kids seem to.

There's something else in the air, tho, which reminds me of the innumerable love bugs. Y'all who live in the deep south know the little black bugs which float along and can be caught with a slow, lazy sweep of the hand. They float in pairs, hence the name. Come spring there's no escaping the little buggers, their mating habits out in the open for all to see, plenteous and somewhat annoying.

The last week has produced a type of snow, which today is falling fast and thick, clogging the gutters. It's surprisingly pretty until you realize that it's not snow. Anyone who has, or has lived near, a willow tree probably knows what I mean. As a kid, one of our neighbors owned a willow tree. Every spring it would snow and we'd be hosing out our A/C unit two or three times a day. Someone near here has a willow tree. The resultant white fluff reminds me not only of snow, but of the love bugs - copious, floating, impossible to be rid of. I can hardly wait for June bug season.

Until I write again ...



Karate Mom said...

Soooooo, are you coming back to karate tonight? *taps foot*

I changed the name of my "personal blog" to "Confessions of a Karate Mom" simply because of you, sweetums!!

Flea said...

Aren't you the sweetest thang! I saw that. You are such a karate mom! Wax off!

I will not be in karate until I'm in better shape. It hurts my knees and joints way too much. But between the meds for my thyroid and my Mother's Day elliptical I've lost about 10 pounds. Here's hoping I'll be limber enough to get back by summer's end. It's fun but it hurts!

Karate Mom said...

Oooo, 10 pounds! I wish I had a Mother's day elliptical! (I love the elliptical machine!)
Well, I look forward to your return!
WAX ON! (It hurts less than the wax off part! OW!)