Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time for a Nap

Holy Molee! I may never eat chili again! I think I sampled nearly everyone else's chili and didn't get a bite of my own. And very little of it was mouth scorching hot. But it was all very good.

Has anyone out there seen Spidey 3? I think we may go tomorrow. Grandma really wants to see it, and so does Uncle Mike. Mike's a Spidey fan from way back, loved the comic books. I was a fan of the daily strips (still a comic strip fan). Promise I won't give any spoilers here tomorrow for those of you who've yet to see it.

Can you hear it? The wind is picking up again. We were talking to a couple from here and Texas about how much we like Tulsa and Mae says, "Well, there's the wind. It's always windy." See, I happen to like that about Tulsa. Chris happens to not like that the wind brings allergens from all of the surrounding states. In fact, one morning the sky over the city was a kind of mustard color for hours, which I was told was dust from a neighboring state. It was eerie and very cool.

And now I think it's time for a nap. All of that not sleeping while Chris was gone, the stirring chili in the middle of the night, it's catching up with me.

Until I write again ...


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