Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stylist Moi

I was a real mommy tonight.

Mae has the most resistant hair ever - straight, thick, with a mind of its own. She has beautiful brown hair, but it requires time and effort - which I haven't really given it until tonight. This makes me sad. Tonight I asked her to wash her hair, demanded that she bring me brush, dryer and goop, and I dried and straightened her hair. She looks great.

When Mae was little her hair required nothing but a brush. It's only been since puberty, really, that it's been a struggle. The stylist always makes her gorgeous (of course). And the poor thing has a mother who doesn't own a brush or blow dryer. I have no clue when it comes to hair.

What I'm discovering about her locks is that once they're dry, it's a lost cause. Kinda like grout or cement. Gotta tackle it wet to make it do what you want. I'm so glad it's not cement, that I can wet it if I mess up. I'm really much better with grout and cement.

The upshot of all this is that Mae left her dryer in my bathroom and asked if I could do her hair every time she washes it. Yay! I get to be real mommy all the time.

Until I write again ...


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Anonymous said...

YAY! Pictures?? I'm glad you found something you two could share. I have lots of girly hair to do. Unfortunately, my girls have such soft slippery hair that nothing holds and they just cannot stay still long enough. It is fun though :)