Friday, July 13, 2007


When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore!

I am in LOVE with homemade pizza! Chris and Nathaniel cooked tonight and it was scrumptious! He actually made calzones, but we used fresh tomatoes, oregano, basil and bell pepper from our garden. Tomorrow for a snack we're having salsa, made from our garden. Yum!

Y'all, we have had tomatoes coming out of our ears this last month. Just after Easter and that freak frost, Lowe's had tons of runty, frost-bitten tomato plants for fifty cents, so we came home with four or five dollars worth. Now that we've had freak rain to follow the freak frost, our tomatoes just keep coming. The tops are splitting because of all of the water. I'm told that the cherry tomatoes are scrumptious, and the heirloom pinks put store bought to shame.

I'm told that repeatedly. As I watch Chris and Mae load thick slabs of tomato onto the center of homemade biscuits. As my friends cook with them. As my sister-in-law devoured the bruschetta last week (it was very good - she says it's almost as good scooping the topping with tortilla chips).

What's the punchline? I don't eat tomatoes. Ew! But I eat pizza! If you have a good pizza crust recipe, please send it my way? And I'll send you a bushel of tomatoes!

Until I write again ...


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