Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Something New?

Funny thing. I pop over to this blog every day to see if I've written anything new. Seriously, I type in the web address waiting to see if there's a new post, something which wasn't here yesterday. How sad is that?

While there's nothing new here today, I'd like y'all to check out my friend, the Karate Mom. Her post today, Independence Day, is stellar. Say hi to her for me, will ya?

Until I (really) write again ...



Karate Mom said...

Hey, thanks for the link!!

Ummm, I'm sorry I've not gotten back to you about the fabric. I think things got crazy with VBS. I drove past the fabric store the day after we talked and it's closed, but I forgot (and forgot and forgot) to call you!
I'mmm soooooryyyyyyyy! *cries*

Flea said...

No crying~ Karate Moms do not cry! I'll have the dress to you on Thursday. It's been crazy here too.