Friday, August 17, 2007

Aaaaand ... We're Clear

Do you hear me breathing a huge sigh of relief? No one came home yesterday and said that they absolutely would not go back to school. That was my biggest fear. In fact, each child seemed to truly enjoy their day. Nathaniel says his teacher is strict (yay!) but he liked the bus, Mae gave me minute details, Oliver is excited that they'll be dissecting in science. All is right with the world. And I thank God.

Now I can finally get some sleep. Finish my grad school application. Get to work on my reading list. Smock for Julie. Eat bon bons. Breathe.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

They've started already??? You are soooo lucky LOL. I can't decide if I am happy/elated/overjoyed or sad that school will be starting next week (can you tell which decision I am leaning towards? lol) I'm glad yours are enjoying it. I can so see Oliver's joy at dissection. Me, personally, hated that part and let the "Olivers" in my class do mine. What grade did Mae finally settle in? I hope she gives you details soon. That drives me crazy when they won't and pushing just doesn't make it happen any faster :::: sigh ::::

Flea said...

Mae's in eighth grade, taking a math skills class while in algebra. She will do fine. Oliver is still having trouble with his handwriting, so he'll probably be practicing at home. Just for speed, since the pretty stuff can be done on a computer. And Mae would probably love to give me details, but sometimes my ears get full. :( She was better the second day. They all were. Than made some kind of silly putty, so his life is the best. I'm hoping they all actually learn something.