Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Love Tulsa

Can I say it again? I love Tulsa!

Last night our local Christian station, KXOJ, held a free Barlow Girl concert at the Riverwalk. They have an adorable little ampitheater there. I took my three, the two cousins, and one of Mae's friends and we had a great time. Autographs were signed and questions were asked. I'm getting old and didn't recognize any of the songs, but they harmonize beautifully and it was quite enjoyable.

I'm planning on taking the kids to a couple of the other free summer concerts at the end of the month, including Shane and Shane (I have no clue what they sing). This time, no autographs. Too hot, and they'll be in school by that time.

As hot as it is this time of year - typically 100 degrees or above every day - the breeze in the evening helps. And the low humidity. The heat doesn't cling, like it does in Orlando. Nice.

Until I write again ...



jeni said...

I like Barlow Girl!! :)

Flea said...

Yeah, but this isn't the video I wanted to use. I didn't know any of their songs. I only knew about them because of the SuperChick song about them. I love that song. They were good tho.