Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look Ma! No Hands!

I'm freeee! My hands are free to type - not hold up the screen on the laptop! YAY!!!!

It came, it came, it came! My espresso brown Dell Inspiron! It's pretty! And it's in my lap right now and I don't have to manipulate anything other than the keys! I still don't know what all it does. And it's awfully big, with a 17" screen (I almost wrote 17 foot, but that wouldn't really fit in my lap). But it's here and it's new and the screen stays up and the keyboard has all its keys! And the touchpad works! And the power cord's not frayed! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! And it has Vista. Hm. I think that's a yay. The screen looks a lot more like a Mac now. Yay!!! There's a 10 key on the side, a remote control that fits into a side slot. It's so COOL!

I'm quite beside myself, which really can't be good as one of me is more than enough. I've never had my very own new computer (well, refurbished) - they've always been Chris' new. And this one's MINE!

Phew! I'm going to have to go to bed. All this excitement has worn me out!

Until I write again ...



jeni said...

Yay for you!!!! Espresso brown sounds delicious! Even for a non-coffee lover like me. :) Enjoy your brand spankin' new laptop! Are you enjoying your reading list?

Karate Mom said...

I want a new one, only because they can be purchased in cool new colors...I don't really need one!
Congrats on your new "baby"!

Flea said...

The espresso is lovely in sunlight, but a dark charcoal color in artificial light. Weird. And it's HUGE. It just doesn't look like it should belong to me. Pretty and new. Maybe I should get used to pretty, new things, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! on the new computer. And in a pretty color too. And all YOURS... this one was suppose to be mine.. hahahaha Vista... well, not so yay on that one (atleast IMO). We got a laptop a couple months ago and because of Vista my brand new camera would not work, we had to get a new printer, that SAID it was Vista compatible... yeah, right if you want to spend extra for the software.... oh well, it is all worked out now, but it was a pain and it still doesn't let me do everything I want :( But then I am a Mac person to start. If I can ever get one that is truely my very own.

Flea said...

I really wanted a Mac, one with the twelve inch screen, but it was just too expensive. We got more machine for less money with the Dell. And maybe I got the new Vista? There are always lots of bugs with a new OS. It's more like a Mac. So far the only thing that really drives me crazy is the touchpad - it stopped working today. Well, it stopped clicking. And my settings look fine. Argh! If I could, I'd live without a computer. But I like being connected to everyone!

You'll have one all your own one day. Maybe you should go back to school ... :)