Sunday, August 5, 2007

We Have a Winner!

Well, the test results are in. And the winner is ....

Than will be in fourth grade this year, praise God. He reading results were much higher than I expected, which is excellent. Yay! This means that I picked up the correct school supply list and that nothing I've purchased so far will be wasted. What a cold, heartless mother I am. Seriously, I'm very glad he's legitimately a fourth grader.

Mae is still on the fence grade-wise. We talk to the middle school in the morning. She scored well in reading ability, which was pleasing. She's spent the entire summer reading, as well as writing a book. A good friend of hers is writing a book and has been a huge encouragement. Mae's a hard worker and will do very well in school. She's determined to get ahead, to do her best.

Oliver was a total surprise - a dark horse, if you will. His reading results were mid-tenth grade. Hello? The boy never reads. What the heck! So he's been walking around like the king of the world the last two days, mighty pleased with himself. I'm sure it won't take long for school to knock him down a peg, but I'm happy he has such a sense of achievement. He's earned it.

They've all earned their scores and I'm proud of each of my kids. Who knows where they would have been by now with a better teacher? I'm excited about the coming school year. They're all winners in my book.

Until I write again ...