Thursday, September 27, 2007


See that cute little emoticon in the corner? That's not quite right. But there was no knitting symbol with the universal sign for NOT. You know, the circle with the slash through it. Because I am NOT knitty.

My new friend, Kathie, came this morning for breakfast. What she didn't know was that she'd go home with a new project. :) She'd read my blog and asked about my insane knitting project. I hadn't done a single stitch since I wrote about it, but I showed her my little green bird's nest. It was cute and fuzzy. And she felt sorry for me. We sat and talked for hours. I wouldn't let her go home until she agreed to take the knitting with her and finish my scarf. I even threw in some home grown vegetables to make myself seem generous.

Kathie, I really, really, really, really appreciate your taking on my sorry piece of knitting! Next time I'll start with regular yarn. And maybe you can show me some fun stitches?

Until I write again ...


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