Monday, October 29, 2007

Post 100!!!

Y'all please forgive me (if there's anyone still reading this), for being away from the blog so long? I have had no end of trouble with my beautiful new Dell Inspiron laptop. Dell has been nothing but gracious and quick, but the problem has taken awhile to pinpoint. As of right this second, I still don't have my machiine and am typing on Chris'.

The first time through, tech support was sure my problem was memory, so they sent me new memory. The second time they ran a diagnostic showing a bad hard drive, so I got a new hard drive. This last time they only got halfway through the diagnostic before declaring I needed a new mother board. It will be a whole new computer when they're done with it. I shipped my computer away last Tuesday and am expecting it to arrive home ANY MINUTE.

Last week was very eventful, not only because of my computer, but because my oven died. It is only today being repaired, but the repair man had to go back for another part. Evidently Lou the Loud is not doing his job because mice have been chewing the wires under the oven, leaving dog food, tearing up bits of cotton and building nests (like the oven wasn't warm enough). I went out and purchased Borax and am going to treat my new pets to peanut butter balls laced with Borax. Lucky devils.

In addition to the fun with rodents, I managed to lock myself, my mother and Mae out of the car on Saturday. It made Mom feel better about our two hour attempt to leave Tulsa on the way to the wedding. We're so directionally challenged. Several hours later, driving Chris' truck, I stalled at a light (facing uphill - I'm not overly fond of manual transmissions), then it wouldn't start. Chris came to rescue me, with the help of a kind passerby, and the result was having the battery replaced the next day.

When it rains, it pours. And all this on my 100th post. Go figure. Next post I'll fill y'all in on school. If I ever get my computer back so I can do my assignments.

Until I write again ...


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