Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Job That's Never Done

WARNING!! I'm allowing the ADD free reign today! Beware.

A whole house to clean before Thanksgiving. My sister's coming tomorrow (YAY!), dressing and sweet potatoes to make (no more pie - I can't take anymore pie!). What am I doing this morning? Ironing. One little spot in the house - an extra dresser in my room - is covered with clothes to be ironed, so I tackle it and ignore the floors, bathrooms, surfaces, dusting, etc. Don't even get me started on the homework I'm avoiding! And ironing takes forever! Hence my sitting here typing, taking a break from it.

I LOVE ironing, as a rule. Taking wrinkled clothes and making them smooth and pretty. I'm almost tempted, sometimes, to let them sit in the dryer forever just so there'll be more wrinkles to make go away. And then when I have piles and piles of ironing - YAY!!! Sweet. So today, to escape the other housework, I iron. It makes me feel better. Kinda like polishing silver.

But like I said, that only takes care of one little spot in my bedroom, not the whole house. I have to start somewhere, right? What better place? And no, I'm not doing any of your ironing unless you live in my house and use my washer and dryer.

My other immediate house keeping today will be vacuuming out the dryer hose and connection to the outdoors. The dryer is taking FREAKING FOREVER to get things dry. And that's the other hot spot right now - my laundry basket. It's at least as high as an elephant's eye. I think that's because I live in Oklahoma now, because I never let it get elephant's eye high before (was that lightning? AH!!).

Did I mention pie earlier? Chris, the kids and I figured out this weekend that I've made somewhere in the vicinity of 25 pies. And baked five pumpkins (one more sitting on the floor in the kitchen). We've actually only eaten three pies, but I have, I think, five pies in fridge and freezer. Yes, I gave the rest away. People like my pies, thank you very much. And two of the fridge pies are for Thanksgiving. As to the ten or so Ziploc bags of pureed pumpkin - well that's for later. For that pumpkin cheesecake (with brandy - yum) that I'm going to make after Thanksgiving. And the pumpkin bread. And pumpkin flan. Mmmmmm ... pumpkin flan. I can't wait! I think I'll go do that right now!

Shoot. I just went back and read what I wrote. I have to go finish the ironing ...

Until I write again ...


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Marguerite said...

You LOVE ironing? O.O I just hang everything up and hope the wrinkles fall out. Then I'll iron as I pull it out to wear it... if I have to.

I am so looking forward to being there too. I'm not currently looking forward to the drive. Interstate 10 is shut down for the next two weeks. Yes, you heard right. An oil well blew up right next to it and they closed down that 50 mile stretch of highway between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. So, everyone will be finding alternate routes and back roads through south Louisiana for the holidays. Joy!

On a happier note, we have successfully bought all the Christmas presents (and wrapped them) to bring with us! Don't worry so much about cleaning. You will have paper and video game paraphernalia strewn about soon enough. :) We're looking forward to our visit!