Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make It Stop

Nathaniel wakes up this morning and asks if he can stay home from school "because he won't be able to stay awake all day." What kind of question is that? He's off to school now. Stinker.

So I'm already having one of those days, the kind that starts with too little sleep and a wonderful headache to accompany that lethargic feeling. Catching up with my favorite blogs helps. Connie Pombo, over at Boomer Babes Rock (no, I'm not a Baby Boomer!), had an interesting post today about first impressions (I just happen to like Boomers). Friend Lisa, over at Confessions of a Karate Mom, hasn't posted on a day or two, but what's there makes me laugh when I read it again. She's working for a health food store, bringing in sandwiches on Wonderbread for her lunch. I wish I were that brave. I'm afraid of health store people. They're rabid. All except for Lisa. And I'm waiting for Mir to make her daily post, because she's the kind of writer who, if you're not prepared, will make milk snort out of your nose. She's that funny.

Speaking of the lovely Mir (for some reason all of her readers refer to her in this fashion - she must be beautiful), one of her readers yesterday posted links to a couple of sites for fun stocking stuffers. I've been having way too much fun visiting both of them, especially reading the greeting cards at this one. I even ordered some stuffers for my boys from this one. You just can't go wrong with Ninja merchandise for Christmas.

Time for the steaming hot shower that I pray fervently will release the knots in my neck and head. Then homework. And more homework. Homework again. I actually love the homework, but not when the head hurts.

Until I write again ...


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