Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Reading List

Guess what I'm reading? Before I answer, my apologies for not keeping my reading list updated. And a quick overview of what I've recently read.

Mae brought home a book from the school book fair, a book about vampires, so of course I had to read it and make sure it was okay for her. She then brought home the second in what is a trilogy. After reading the first two, I bought the third one. They're very good. And not really suitable for a 14 year girl, even though there's no extramarital sex. They're written by a Mormon woman from Arizona, and the first one is Twilight. Oh my. I find myself thinking of the main characters often (says she as she fans herself with the latest electric bill).

Back to what I'm reading now. Systematic Theology, by L. Berkhof! Honestly, I thought this first class might be over my head (it is in some ways), and I really thought I'd fall flat on my face with systematic theology (of course, there are ST classes I'll have to take later on, entirely devoted to the subject). But I'm really enjoying this book. Not only the subject matter and concepts, I'm loving the fact that it makes sense! I'm very impressed, so far, that my professor has organized the lectures, readings and questions in such a cohesive manner that everything makes sense! This is really cool. A theologian I'm not, and I don't see myself as one coming out the other end of this degree, but it's nice to understand what I believe. And what I don't.

I'll stop now. And go back to reading. Even more fascinating than ST has been Pratt's Designed for Dignity and Frame's Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. The logic is frustrating (literally - I have to take a logic exam, differentiating between different logic arguments, most with Latin names), but the concepts are way cool. Y'all should seriously try this.

Until I write again ...


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Donna J. Shepherd said...

I went back to school after 30 years, and it was quite an adjustment! I had brain strain for a while. :D

Right now I'm taking eschatology, and I'm really enjoying it. I'll keep your recommendations in mind.

Bless you,