Friday, November 30, 2007

Who's Driving This Thing?

I come here regularly to see if there's anything new. Has anything been added since the last time I visited Flea's World? Let's see! Oh - no. How sad.

I come here wondering what the cat is up to now (he stays out all night now and doesn't wake the parents - what a good kitty! Wait, no, he makes up for it when he comes in at six, running up and down the stairs with his loudest meow, waking everyone, then challenging the dogs to a fight). I come here wondering if the Babies have been playing in any hillside creek beds lately (no, sadly, the family hasn't taken any trips. The Thanksgiving hiking expedition was canceled due to inclement weather and Chris having a horrible flu). Have the children said or done anything to amuse or engage (I wish - or maybe I'm glad they haven't? Mae is headed to Branson with a friend for the weekend. Nathaniel is leaps ahead in his schoolwork. Oliver is buying a new gym shirt *sigh*)? And has Flea gotten anywhere with her schoolwork (DON'T ASK!!!)?

So why do I come here? Is it for the Sudoku puzzle? No. Websudoku has a better puzzle, and it's timed. Argh. I hate it and love it all at once. Is it the cute picture of the Good Flea? Well, of course! That's it! No ... no, that can't be it. Is it the dazzlingly brilliant monologues (See today's Boomer Babes post on comment envy to understand why this is a monologue)? I don't think it's the monologue. Well, then, why?

It's the ADD, people. I forget sometimes that I'm the sole contributor to this blog. Odd, I know. But I hop around to a variety of blogs every day, some of my favorites written by multiple contributors. Makes me wish there were more Fleas, good and bad and in between. Any takers?

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Here's a comment for you, Flea. Have a wonderful day!

Flea said...

You're hilarious! Thanks! And you caught me on a day when my evil twin was filling in for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love cats :) and about checking your own blog for a new entry.

Flea said...

Candace, ordinarily I love cats. But methinks you'd have a tough time loving any cat who woke you at night more than any of your children ever did. Stupid Lou.