Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Ice Storm

I am so sad. I took scads of pictures on Monday, wanting like mad to share them with you all. We had a ferocious ice storm sweep through Sunday night, knocking out power all over Oklahoma, especially Tulsa. We were without power all of Monday, but many homes here in town are still in the dark. I talked to a mom today who's not only in the dark, but her house is flooded. The thick ice on trees was too much for them, bringing them down on power lines all over town. The trees, like my neighbor's in the picture, look like they just exploded. Driving through my neighborhood is a very sad thing. Our neighbors lost some beautiful trees. This is the one and only time I'm grateful that we only have a couple of tiny trees, far from the house.

But Monday morning I ran out, all excited, and took pictures of the pretty, pretty ice all over my shrubs and the neighbors trees. It was a winter wonderland! I'm such a Southerner. And I think that the card in my camera was full, because there are no ice pictures!

The tree devastation is comprehensive to say the least. Initially it reminded me of our little town after Hurricane Charlie hit 3 years ago. Microbursts seemed to target certain trees, leaving them looking like they'd exploded. All over town. Tulsa's the same way, with the same issues with electrical coverage. But there are a couple of differences. One is the temperature. After Charlie it was in the 90's and muggy, muggy, muggy. With no air conditioning, it was torture. But I'm not sure that it isn't worse to be caught in the dark with no heat or hot water. Except that many families (we did initially) are treating it like a camping trip in their own homes.

And Tulsa is fairly self-sustaining. No one seems to be whining or complaining. Granted, we found out what we were made of after Charlie, with neighbors all out helping one another, people tarping each other's roofs, friendliness to spare. But Tulsans seem to already know that about one another - it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone that the neighbors and strangers are helpful and friendly. They just roll up their sleeves and get things done, with a great attitude the entire time.

Stay tuned for the weekend. There are six inches of snow forecast and this time I won't be caught without a camera or film!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you all are well. I have been checking everyday waiting to hear something. I'm sorry about your mom's home flooding though. I cannot comprehend flooding and cold. Although I have rarely had to experience cold since Florida rarely gets cold, I think I would rather no power and cold than no power and hot and muggy. Neither sound pleasant long term though.

Flea said...

No power and cold is definitely better, though I don't know which is best long term. But a lot of people here have fireplaces, so most aren't freezing. It's the idea of a hot shower that drives people crazy after a bit. At least in muggy heat you can splash with cold water and it feels good.

The flooding isn't actually my mom - she never even lost power. Another mom that I talked to today (of one of Than's friends) is flooded. But she's staying with a sister.

Thanks for checking on us! We're actually doing really well compared to most of Tulsa. Even my doctor, who I saw this morning, was in a sweater and jeans because she doesn't have electric - or hot showers.

Praise and Coffee said...

Keep warm and safe girl!!


Flea said...

Thanks Sue!