Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Ramblings

It's New Year's Eve, and as I pop around to some of my favorite blogs, I see resolutions posted. I stopped making resolutions several years ago, so I was torn on whether to follow the blogging crowd or strike out on my own non-resolute path. Can I really forge ahead if I am non-resolute? Hm. Stop making me think. It's a holiday.

I feel rather like those demotivational posters over at Despair, Inc. How does one go about being non-resolutional in a firm, determined fashion? Does one? I feel as though my lack of a New Year's resolution makes me the object of this saying. See, I'm helping all of you who make the resolutions. :)

So I'll just entertain you all by telling you about other people's resolutions. 'K? 'K.

According to the U.S. Government (always a highly entertaining source of information), these are the top thirteen resolutions made in the States:

Aren't they great? Any takers? They all look good, but I'll pass, thank you very much. B-O-R-I-N-G. If I'm going to do any of those things, I'm just going to do them. Period. Fairly generic stuff there. No "Don't get eaten by rabid muskrats", or "Tell at least five strangers a week that you love them". Just in case I was planning on making such hideously boring resolutions - or if I resolved to Learn to tap dance while playing a polka on the accordion - there are sites to encourage and teach. Sites like, where anyone can succeed if they make a plan, think year round and be flexible. Y'okay. Or there's a really cool facts and figures page about New Year's in general, including lyrics to Auld Lang Syne. I didn't know it was written by Scottish poet, Robbie Burns! Sweet!

Speaking of Scottish literature, Burns reminds me of one of my all-time favorite novels, Thorn in My Heart, by Liz Curtis Higgs. It's set in late 17th century Scotland and is a romance of torturous proportions. Read it. Don't yell at me when you finish it and find there's a sequel. And a third. It's a phenomenal book.

Where was I? Oh. Yeah. At least this guy seems to be a little more realistic, if one has to make promises to oneself. I like the first one: Aim low. Step four, always a winner in my book (well, ignoring the fact that there shouldn't be more than three steps, but in this case I make allowances) is to reward yourself. So when I lose that 15 pounds, I'm having a pizza party, topped off with a pint of Ben 'n' Jerry's. And step five is Wait till spring to start. But I don't think I can wait that long for pizza and ice cream. So I'll just skip to step four.

In case I really do want to learn to tap and play polka accordion, there are web sites to help. This one is the epitome of tap instruction, including "Put on your shoes and some cool music". Thanks for playing. Once I've got that down pat, I'll hop over to hop over to for a little fun. Honestly? I have always wanted to learn to play the accordion. I've even attempted to coerce my musically talented daughter (it does NOT come from my side of the family) to take lessons. No dice. Maybe one of my boys will want to be like Weird Al one day and learn to play.

For the curious, the above picture is my dog, Patches. No reason.

Until I write again ...



AutoSysGene said...

Happy New Year!!

Marguerite said...

Happy New Year! Will you share the pizza and ice cream?

Flea said...

If you'll come here and get it! :P

Kidzmama said...

Oh, come on and join the crowd! You just have to be different, don't you? Just kidding. It's not like my resolution is so huge. I'm with the "aim low" guy.

Have a wonderful 2008.

Flea said...

You too, kidzmama! Isn't aiming low great? I think I really wind up setting goals about mid-year, when there's no hype attached to it. Kinda like half birthdays. Hm.

Anonymous said...

are there any Robbie Burns night dinners in Tulsa?

Flea said...

It looks as though there might be in September. Thanks for the heads up! What fun!