Saturday, January 12, 2008

Calling for an Attitude Interpreter

Yes, I'm posting AGAIN. I didn't take my Adderall this morning. Can you tell? For new readers, here are links to Adventures with Bessie and Fred:

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I was just cleaning the stove (somebody's gotta do it) and thinking about my kids and their chores (wishing that somebody wasn't me), and got to thinking about cleaning the kitchen when I was Maybelline's age (14). Very specifically, thinking about a kitchen incident which occurred one night when my parents went out and left me in charge. And I want to know what this means. Anyone out there an attitude interpreter?

One night my folks came home and I'd done all the dishes, loaded the dishwasher properly and scrubbed the dishes before loading them. My mom gushed about it, thanking me. My response? "Don't thank me. You get on my case every time you're gone and I don't do it, or don't do it right. Don't make such a big deal about it." Granted, I was notorious for loading the dishwasher all wrong, or leaving the dishes covered in gunk. I'm sure it was a big surprise to come home and find it done correctly. It's always a big surprise for me with my kids.

But what the heck was I thinking? I still do this kind of thing today. If someone's going to ask me to do something and I do it, nothing needs to be said. I agreed to the terms, so there ya go. Nothing extra, no thanks needed. If I go above and beyond, please let me know you noticed. If I do something because I noticed it needed doing (not likely - I don't notice much), please thank me. But don't think me for the ordinary stuff of life.

I have no idea what this means or if it matters. It just struck me as odd. I guess I was imagining coming home to a clean kitchen (without asking) last night and what my response might be. I'd probably drop dead on the spot. Like poor Fred.

Until I write again ...



AutoSysGene said...

LOL! Please don't drop dead on the spot, I love to read about Bessie and Fred.

I totally get what your talking about though. Just notice that I did some work, sheesh!! ;)

Flea said...

Thanks Melissa-with-two-S's! I can't make any promises with the cows, since I don't move them. :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Reading blogs late tonight - just wanted you to know I dropped by!


Casdok said...

I know what you mean!
Thank you!!