Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Cloverfield Review

That is the LAST time I let the Hunny recommend a movie. Cloverfield was actually a pretty good movie. What I saw of it. And I think I actually only SAW about eight minutes of it total. I heard it all - does that count?

We were set to see a movie today with my brother and his lovely wife, and we'd been thinking for awhile about what we wanted to see. The Hunny, this morning, asked if he and my brother could see Cloverfield while sister-in-law and I saw something else. What? It's a Godzilla flick. Well, that wasn't very nice. Or fun. But Hunny was just throwing it out, not actually having any hope.

I was a bad girl this morning and skipped church. I had a migraine, okay? They're hormonal, and I caught it before it got really bad, but I wanted to take it easy. When I turned on my computer, my homepage had a link to a review of Cloverfield. Curious, I clicked and found that they gave it three and a half out of four stars. I scanned the reviews and thought, "Sure, why not?" Then I emailed brother and wife the review and waited. Sure enough, they were both interested.

So we head out to see Cloverfield. Honest to Pete, about three minutes in I had to close my eyes. I can handle kids barfing, dogs having diarrhea, sour milk, lots of different smells and clean up operations. I have a cast iron stomach that way. Even when brother and I were in high school and the baby brother would eat hot dogs then upchuck everywhere, I'd be the one cleaning it up. Not a problem. Motion sickness? That's a whole 'nother ball game.

The entire movie was shot with a hand held camcorder, or at least made to look that way. It was EXTREMELY well done. Think Blair Witch Project. The special effects were seamless; the movie was very believable. I was truly impressed with how real this movie seemed. I was sucked into their lives, found myself being attached to the guy behind the camera, even though he was a total loser. Like reality TV taken to another level. Wow.

Now think Tilt A Whirl combined with roller coaster. Then ride them for an hour and a half straight. After having 12 hot dogs and six Mountain Dews. Yeah. Like that. I wanted to SMACK the guy holding the camera. Geez! My kids could hold it more steady, and this was before the action started! Honestly, I had my eyes closed for most of the movie, once I knew what everyone looked like.

Over all, Cloverfield was a very good movie. I suppose I'd give it three and a half stars as well, even though it wasn't what I expected. And watching while fighting migraine nausea probably wasn't a good idea. But the characters were people we've all met in real life, y'know? They freaked out about the way I would have. It really could have been a home movie. But with giant creatures destroying Manhattan.

Until I write again ...



Karen said...

Oooh, I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy the full experience. I'd be pretty upset to pay for a movie and then not be able to see it. Hope your migraine is gone at least!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You're right about Marzipan. It's awful!!!

Hallie :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I'll wait until I am completely vertigo free before I attempt that one!

Flea said...

KellyJean, I was going to leave that same comment on your blog. I was even thinking about you during the movie, thinking I HAD TO WARN KELLYJEAN! It was very, very bad. I had to come home and lie down for a very long time.

Karen, it's hanging out in the back of my head, waiting for me to forget the Excedrin. It'll be gone by Wednesday. And I'm really quite glad I missed the visuals, as it probably would have been to much (the gore and tension), and I would have left the theater. I probably enjoyed it much more this way.

Oh Hallie, black licorice is also AWFUL. Did I win yet? :)

dlyn said...

mmmmm - I love black licorice!
I would love to see this movie, but I think I will wait for the DVD, so I can stop it if I get too dizzy. :)

Karate Mom said...

That would annoy the shapoopie out of meif I tried to watch it!!