Saturday, January 19, 2008

Experimenting With My Calorie Intake

I've performed an experiment, since I'm in the early stages with this Daily Plate thing. Oh, and our group is The Good Flea's group. If you sign up, just shoot me a note and I'll invite you to join. :) Where was I? Oh! The experiment.

I had to take Little Guy to a skate birthday pa
rty today, so I had plenty of time on my hands while I waited. I wound up at the Burger King across the street and almost bought myself a decaf coffee and called it quits. Then I thought, since I've been so good all two days of being a Daily Plate member, maybe I'd play around with my calorie intake and see what would it would look like.

I stood and looked at their menu a long time. Everything just looked so heavy and greasy, so I ordered the Whopper Jr. meal, thinking it was the smallest thing short of a kids' meal. That came with a Whopper Jr. with cheese, whi
ch was rather small (but filled me up), a medium fry and a medium drink. I swapped out the drink for their cup a Joe and had some decaf. I refilled that once and used 4 half and half total.

So I plug in all of my food at Daily Plate, thinking maybe I'd go over my calorie allowance (I'm plugged in to lose a pound and a half a week). Considering I'd had a small breakfast, barely putting a dent in the intake, I still have a considerable amount of calories left. Well, the meal did consume about half of my daily calories. But the really shocking thing was going fro
m having almost no fat in today's intake, to having nearly 46% of my intake as fat. WOW. That is so wrong.

No, this blog isn't going to turn into Flea's ramblings on her diet. Ew. I just found this interesting. And I had to tell SOMEONE that I was a bad girl today and had BK.


In other news, Oatmeal Head is taking Art now as a seventh grade elective. He's never taken art classes before, even though my family is very artistic (see my mom's website), so he has only been drawing very "first grade" types of things his entire life. Now that he's taken Art for two whole weeks, I can show you of what he is capable. It's not Rembrandt, but I was pretty pleased with his first attempts. Whadda ya think? I hope you can see it.

Until I write again ...



AutoSysGene said...

Wow, he draws pretty well. I'm going to have to check out this daily plate thing. I just took a look and I'm going to have to look into it further. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It looks like he is doing great. How is he liking it? Drawing was my favorite when I had time for such things :)

Flea said...

Candace, you're a phenomenal artist. I'm pretty sure he likes it. Growing up he's always said that he wants to be a scientist or an inventor. Now he still says that, but he's added artist to the list. :)

Melissa, feel free to join us! Actually, I refuse to believe that anyone who reads my blog needs to lose weight. You're all perfect!

Tanya Brown said...

Hey, this is awesome! Thanks for posting about this resource.

Flea said...

You're welcome! It's a really cool little website, and it suits my personality just right. Only competing with myself. What fun!