Friday, January 4, 2008


I'M DONE WAHOOO!!! Okay, I'm only done with my midterm exam and still have six weeks left in this class, but I'm done!!!

This exam was definitely a test for me. I panicked, hyperventilated, freaked out a little. Then, less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to take the exam, I emailed the guy in student services (who probably thinks I'm a nut job at this point) to ask what was on the exam. And he told me. It was an essay exam, with just four questions. My worst nightmare come true. I'm not in high school anymore - BSing just won't cut it at this level.

I've been a very good girl and have done all my reading (okay, I still have to read about 40 pages in Systematic Theology to be current), and listened to all the lectures. It's all been fascinating and I've been intellectually and emotionally involved in every scrap. But to regurgitate it? Ack! Essays!

Then he gave me the four topics! Yay! I still panicked. How would I find all of those topics, study enough to cover them comprehensively, remember it all to write it in essay form? So I got out all of my materials, rifled through them in my most scatter-brained fashion, and viola! Everything. There. In black and white. So I spent the rest of the evening composing essays about the subjects, re-reading, freaking out a little more, drawing blanks. Loads of fun.

This morning arrived, I played a little Sudoku, saw the kids off to school, moved laundry, made the coffee - anything to avoid studying. Yes, Kidzmama, I read blogs and commented on some of them. :) And before you know it, Kathie was ready with the exam (Kathie's my proctor). Ack!

I had a two hour block of time to take the exam. It actually took me about 40 minutes. The questions were more or less exactly what I'd prepared for. Yay! (That's the word for the day - everybody scream)

So now I'm done. Life is back to normal. Time to play Sudoku. Er, listen to the next lecture and get some reading done. Thanks for all the encouraging words and your patience!

Until I write again ...



AutoSysGene said...

Congrats! Isn't it great when things we're really freaked out turn out to be not such a big deal!!

Flea said...

You know it. All that freaking out for nothing. I'm just getting used to all of this, praying that I don't become lax and totally bomb something.


Chris said...

Hey! I just tagged you for a meme. Come on over and check it out.

Kidzmama said...

Whew! You did it. All that sweat and stress and it's over like that. Congrats!