Friday, January 25, 2008

Papa Murphy's Pizza

How often does one get to experience something new? Last night I did. I'm not sure how well I liked it.

A few months ago a new store went in on our route to and from guitar lessons. Maybelline and I would stare at the huge banner staked on the corner and read about this food store, coming soon, hiring now. But the name of the store was in a tiny font and it took several trips back and forth to guitar to figure out what restaurant it was. I ranted about any business which was new, trying to make a name for itself, printing a sign no one could read. But we were able to make out "Papa Murphy's Pizza". Y'all ever hear of them?

This is a totally new concept for me, this Papa Murphy's. We weren't even interested, all these months since it's opened, but last night the Hunny wanted pizza (it was his free day, hence it was my free day), and we had a coupon for buy one get one from Papa M's, so I called to order. I thought things were a little weird when I asked how long our order would take and she quoted a time five minutes later, but I shook it off and ordered.

Hunny left to pick up our order, and came home with it, saying it was only eight bucks (plus the free one), so he'd picked up a tub of cookie dough. The pizza itself? Needed to be baked. Papa Murphy's sells unbaked pizzas. How weird is that? They were decent and all - better than freezer pizza from the grocery, but nowhere near as good as a chain pizza, delivered hot and fresh. I'm just ... I don't know what to say. I mean, it was cheap. Yeah. It's got that going for it. Just strange. What the heck?

Oh, and the picture? Lou the Loud. Consider it a bonus for a mediocre review. :)

Until I write again ...



Marguerite said...

You don't know if you like them? We LOVE them. There's one right around the corner from us and we pass it everyday. The reheat is greasy, but we like that we can make them fresh for ourselves and pay less; and they have good ingredients, imo. I suggest not buying the biggest pizza, Family Size (aka - can have it's own zipcode) because it's hard to cook evenly. Get their full menu and try out some different kinds, ESPECIALLY the cheesy bread and dessert. :D

p.s. a friend has been experimenting on the reheat thing and says a baking stone works decently.

AutoSysGene said...

We have them out here, too. My parents love them, me just ok. I'm all about getting the already baked pizza.

I want to snuggle your kitty.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I don't think we have them here, but my sister works at Pizza Delight so that's usually the only place we get pizza. Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)

Flea said...

Thanks for the stone tip. Chris uses it when he makes pizza, but we didn't think about it last night.

Melissa, you are totally welcome to snuggle Lou the Loud. And to keep him.

Hit Tammy!

Oh, with three kids, and always cooking, if I'm going to order out, I want it to show up at my door ready to eat.

kimmy said...

Never heard of it, but I would have been disappointed if my pizza did not show up scorching hot!


alison said...

We ADORE PM's!! We've had one near us for the past 7 years and I don't know what we'd done w/o!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, I haven't heard of Papa Murhy's, but I have heard of the unbaked pizza craze. We had one once, in Colorado, and it was really good, though, I admit strange since I'm all about instant gratification.

Tanya Brown said...

I had about the same reaction as you. One of the advantages of getting takeout pizza is that the restaurants have ovens which get hotter than we can get them at home.

It isn't my thing, but I'm glad others enjoy it.

brneyedgal967 said...

I use my pizza stone like a cookie sheet - for biscuits, crescent rolls, etc. Never have put a pizza on it though. *thumps self in noggin*

Haven't heard of Papa Murphy's Pizza, not sure if we have one around here. I wouldn't be opposed to getting one to bake at home though - gives you a chance to throw on some more toppings, eh?

And ya gotta love the cheap part.


Kidzmama said...

Ironically enough my playgroup moms were discussing Papa Murphy's on Friday. They love it and said a new one was opening close by. Of course we'll check it out, but I'm with you. Hot and steamy pizza sounds much better than "We're home! Let's get this in the oven".

Anonymous said...

Hmm I don't know... take out that you have to cook... I guess in some circumstances that could be good. I prefer the ready to eat variety myself. I love that picture of Lou the Loud :)