Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Year in Review

Over at Compost Happens, Daisy posted an open ended meme. It looked like fun, so I thought I'd join in. That and I want to post now, since tomorrow (today) will be very full. I have a midterm on Friday, you know. Am I ready? I'll let you decide. All of you on whose blogs I've commented. Repeatedly. There are some I want to visit but haven't. I tell myself I have to study.

Here are the rules: The rules are simple: search out the first post of each month and post the first line here. I started blogging a little late in the year, but, here it is: a recap of 2007

This past weekend our family did a little traveling!

Omigosh! It's been a LONG time since I've laughed till I cried.

I know a real karate mom -- my friend Lisa.

I have the cutest new niece!


I was a real mommy tonight.

Funny thing.

Why do I always write when I'm in the MIDDLE of a project?

Those of you who visit regularly (you know who you are) know that I've been in an ongoing battle to train Nathaniel's cat,Lou the Loud.

Okay, how do I look?


What causes a person to search for such a thing?


The Good Flea is a sick Flea.

I'm always a sucker for the Lou the Loud posts. You may have another favorite. Scrolling through, there were several old non-first posts that I wanted to read, but I really have to go to bed. The school schedule starts tomorrow and six a.m. will come too early. *yawn*

Until I write again ...



Burgh Baby said...

Good luck with the midterm!

AutoSysGene said...

6am, ouch! Looks like you've got a long day ahead of you! Good luck!

Karen said...

How fun was that?! I may have to tag myself if things slow down and I have nothing to write about someday.

Good luck with the midterm. I do not miss those.

Kidzmama said...

Just letting you know I posted my meme. Of course I'm way behind in commenting. So I'll come back tomorrow and make it more meaningful. Study, study!

Chris said...

This 'meme' thing is kinda' cool. One of your readers just tagged me for one now. I guess I'll need to figure out how to do it! lol.

Flea said...

Hey guys! Midterm this morning - I think I'm ready. Y'all pop over and visit Chris' blog (last comment here) if you haven't already. He's hilarious.