Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bonus Edition!

Today's bonus post is all about the Good Flea! Melissa, over at Hope for the Hopeless, has been playing around with a slogan creator. Sounds like fun, right? SO I popped over and made a few of my own slogans. Here, for your reading pleasure, are the Flea's sayings:

I'm only here for the Flea (it's true - you know it's true)

How refreshing! How Flea! (That's what all my friends say)

The Too Good to Hurry Flea (This is when my Hunny starts grumbling, but it's also when the OCD tendencies kick in and I can't be rushed)

Make it a Flea Night (those rainy evenings in front of the fire with a good book - no, not those)

Hope It's Flea, It's Flea, We Hope It's Flea.. (huh?!?)

Break Me Off a Piece of That Flea (See, this is why I don't exercise, because that's how it feels)

The Lighter Way To Enjoy Flea (see that button on your monitor? Yeah, that one. Turn it down a wee bit. Good. Notice how much lighter the screen looks? That's the only way to get a lighter version of Flea)

Have Flea Your Way (This is still rated PG, right?)

Strong and Beautiful, Just Like Flea (Do I really need to say it?)

That'll be the Flea (Usually preceded by loud noises, things breaking)

Got Flea? ('Cause everyone needs Flea)

Everything We Do is Driven by Flea (This is taking it a little too far)

Ho Ho Ho, Green Flea (See that other button on your monitor? Turn it up a wee bit. Now we're talkin'. Does everything look a little greener? Ho ho ho!)

Behold the Power of Flea (My favorite. For obvious reasons)

Where Do You Want Flea To Go Today? (Really? Where?)

Only Flea Has The Answer (But you won't be able to understand it. Ask anyway)

Flea Makes Everything Better (It's true! Really!)

151 Countries, One Flea (This one just says it all)

Until I write again ...

Green Flea


AutoSysGene said...

You came up with a few that I didn't get! These are pretty funny, too!!

Karate Mom said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm still compiling my list from the site, along with snappy little comebacks!