Sunday, February 3, 2008

Check Out Rocking Pony's Contest

Okay people. Karen over at The Rocking Pony's giving away a free shirt. That's nothing special, you say? Then you don't know Karen. She designs her own clothing (adorable children's and adult's clothes), and is willing to let the winner design their own shirt if they want.

Here's the catch: you have to leave a comment telling her your most embarrassing story. EVER. Most of you who read my blog probably pop over to hers regularly, but I'm letting you know, just in case you don't.

She says that you may enter more than once. You know, if you've led a really embarrassing life. I plan to enter more than once. And whatever you do, DON'T READ MY COMMENTS.

Until I write again ...



Julie said...

Thanks for your kind words and the book recommendation. I looked it up on Amazon and it sounds great. I will pick it up. I may even read it. : ) My list is long.

I really like your cows, too.

Karen said...

Flea, you're a dear! Thanks for the shout-out. I am living in horror of some of the stories I've heard already, and I cannot wait to see what all comes in over the next few days.

Flea said...

Julie, books are good in that they don't go bad if we can't devour them right away. :) And I totally understand, as I'm there myself. My eyes are always bigger then my stomach when it comes to books.

Karen, I can't believe you opened yourself up to that! :) Have fun with it.

Cecily R said...

I think I have too many to narrow it down to just one, but thanks for the heads up. And you're right. From Karen, it's never just a shirt...:)

AutoSysGene said...

Oh, you can enter more than once...I'm so there!!