Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Facts

Thanks, Asthmagirl, for passing on a photo meme! Five random facts about me, represented in photos, huh? Give me minute to snap some photos ... here goes!

Fact Number One (drum roll please!)
I .... am an oldest child. Never would have guessed, huh? Alright, I just thought you needed another ugly child picture of me. But seriously, my brother and I are twelve and a half months apart. And see that little girl in the blue gingham dress? Guess who she is. Go on, guess! That's Marguerite, who comments here, who needs her own blog so I can make oddball comments about her posts. We're eight years apart. And we were sitting on a pretty butt-ugly couch. I think that was the man eating couch. Getting up from it was NOT pretty.

Fact Number Two

I play one instrument and one instrument only: the harmonica. I do not play it well. When I was in high school, the pastor's wife was playing her little Hohner and let me try, showing me how to play "Someone's in the Kitchen With Dinah" (probably not the name of that song). No, she taught me Polly Wolly Doodle (what the heck does that MEAN?). I liked it so much that she gave me the harmonica (probably because I spit in it so much - that or my mass of cold sores). When I had a little cash, I rode my bike to the Ben Franklin down the road and purchased a Chinese Hero harmonica. I LOVED that thing. Took it everywhere, played it all the time. Then one night, just out of college, I'm playing capture the flag at midnight with a bunch of teens in waist high grass and I dropped it somewhere. I was heart broken. It's only been recently that I purchased this set of Piedmonts, which aren't the same, but I need to play with them some, see if I can re-learn. I can't read music one little bit, but I've always thought that another instrument I'd like to play is the accordion. Someday. Maybe. When the Hunny's dead and can't complain.

Fact Number Three

The farthest west I have traveled is Santa Fe, NM. Growing up south of New Orleans, this was a pretty cool place to go as a kid. My mom grew up traveling, and my grandparents would take us out to Santa Fe in the summers. My grandmother would take art lessons from Maurice, we would swim in the nearby pool (we stayed in the AirStream), afternoons we'd rock hunt, looking for quartz, or go to the market looking for jewelry. Those are some of my favorite memories. So when I had the opportunity
to head west, even just a little, to go to college, I jumped on it. Anyone out there know the pleasure of moving from the land of no sky to sky everlasting? I LOVE the sunsets in Tulsa. It's nothing like New Mexico, but for me, it'll do.

Fact Number Four

Speaking of where I grew up, this is a map of the bottom end of the state of Louisiana. New Orleans would be just out of sight, up in the north west corner of the map. My house would have been in the lower section of Part 3 here. See how the Gulf of Mexico surrounds it, and the Mississippi River runs down the middle? There were levees keeping us in and the water out. The eye of Katrina passed over the house I grew up in. That wench left a ton of water milling around. Anyway, between the levees and the scrubby trees everywhere, there was no sky to be seen unless I looked straight up. Looking toward the river, I could sometimes see barges or giant ships coming straight at me, like they were going to run over me. Then they'd hit the bend in the river and turn away just in the nick of time. Any wonder I love all this sky?

Fact Number Five

I smock. Yes. Yes I do. This the dress I made last spring for a new niece. It's a cotton sateen with tatted trim and shell buttons. And I am head over heels in love with tatting and shell buttons. And matching diaper covers! I mean, really - how cute are matching diaper covers? Y'all I need a baby just so I can smock.

So there you have it! And not a cow in the bunch! Which reminds me, I need to get Fred & Bessie's farm adventure pictures up soon. Soon.

The rules for this meme, since I'm in the mood to tag, are as follows:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself

3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).

4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

So I'm tagging Dlyn, since I love her photography, Jan, because I think it would be fun to see Jan in photos, Brown Eyed Girl at the Color of Home, because she never ceases to surprise me, and ... just one more ... the Straight Shooter, who I've just met and would love to know more about! Live long and prosper, people!

Until I write again ...



kay said...

i love that you play the harmonica!! now i will be singing someone's in the kitchen with dinah all day long.

and my sis and i are 13 months apart. what a pia she was then! but now we are bffs!

thanks for the insight into your life flea! i love reading stuff like this.

dlyn said...

I love this meme - I will comply on Monday. My 1922 scanner will not work with my new computer so I have to drag it [scanners were BIG in 1922] back to the spare room and hook it up to the old one so that I can scan a couple old pics that are so life defining that I can't possibly leave them out. Thanks fer taggin me Flea!

Flea said...

Kay, we'll both have that one stuck in our heads today.

Dlyn, I have no idea how to use my scanner. I wish it was circa 1922, then it would be easier to use. I took the photos out of the album and photographed them.

Marguerite said...

I can't have my own blog. I don't have time and I enjoy living vicariously while websurfing. :P

BTW, you forgot to mention the cutest, baby brother ever! Aww... he's so pweshus! He'd probably kill me if he read this....

Flea said...

He was the absolute cutest baby Chewie ever! Maybe I'll post some of his baby pictures at some point. :)

AutoSysGene said...

And again you are not an ugly child. In fact, I think you look beautiful in that picture because you look HAPPY!

That smock (is that what you call it) is adorable. I wish I had a little dress like that for Hope when she was baptized.

Mental P Mama said...

This is a wonderful meme. I love your memory lane style...and that smocking is beautiful. You could make a lot of dough doing that in some places. It is almost a lost art.

Anonymous said...

I love the harmonica thing. Awesome! I love your smocking too, it's beautiful!

Thanks for playing!

dlyn said...

Not a bad idea, photgraphing photos. Though it does explain the unusual looking sky in the NM pic - kind of like you are on another planet or something :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my . . . your smocking is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I'd known you when I had babies -- I would have bought lots and lots of smocked goodies from you.

And thank you for the lovely and touching comment on my post today. You are such a good reader. And by that, I mean you always think deeply and respond insightfully, and isn't that just the best thing to have in a blogging friend?

Mayberry Magpie

Anonymous said...

It takes a serious harmonica player to buy a whole SET. I am suitably impressed. I had an uncle who attempted to teach me how to play the harmonica. Alas, 'twas not to be.

More power to ya! You MUST give us a demo when the rust is off. ;)

Burgh Baby said...

I love all these old photos of you. You are so darn cute!

Flea said...

Okay, okay ... the secret's out. I'm a cute smocking harmonica player. And Joan-Marie, I totally would have smocked for your babies. Maybe in a later post I'll post pictures of Little Guy in smocked bonnets and dresses. What? You saw the cousins! Someone had to be the model, and he was the right size ...

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Mizz Flea thank you for tagging me. I am so flattered. I will be blogging away in the 'morrow. Sick wee ones today...EEeewww. I can handle the Big Dog slime MUCH better than projectile *!@^*! Just Eeewww.

Wineplz said...

that dress is beautiful! It looks like a Christening gown!