Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Does This Say About Me?

I've been a busy little girl lately, and I probably shouldn't even be posting this morning, since I'll be climbing shortly and I need to get ready, but once I leave the house, it'll be tomorrow before I really sit down again. We have old friends in town for home coming weekend - the husband is receiving the alumnus of the year award - and we're attending the banquet then the basketball game with them tonight. Good friends not seen in years take precedent guys. I promise, I really will catch up on each and every one of your blogs soon. Honest!

Until then, Sports Mama has a wonderful meme on her post, but she graciously didn't tag anyone, so I'm shamelessly stealing it. The rule is to complete each sentence with the first thing to pop into your head. Here goes.

I know
that I am loved unconditionally.
I believe in God the Father, Maker of Heaven and earth.
I fought with my youngest child quite a bit this week.
I am madly in love with my Hunny.
I love living in Tulsa, the sunrises and sunsets, the hills, the weather, the glorious WEATHER!
I need my coffee or my Adderall XR - this morning I'm leaning toward the coffee.
I take my children for granted.
I hear rhythms and patterns in everyday sounds.
I drink four or five glasses of water every time I go out to eat.
I hate fresh tomatoes.
I use Scott tissue because it lasts forever. And I'm cheap that way.
I want to lose about 80 pounds.
I like a quiet house.
I feel extremely tired this morning.
I wear jeans nearly all the time.
I left some very good friends when we left Orlando.
I do too much time wasting on the internet.
I hope my children learn to love with all their heart and soul, and pursue their dreams and passions.
I dream almost not at all. I think I'm afraid to dream.
I drive like a drunken sailor.
I listen not very well.
I think all the time about everything, but it seems to be unconventional.
I wish I understood the people I love better.
I should - no shoulds!
I regret not bonding better with my daughter when she was a baby.
I care about less than I probably should.
I said too little to my husband when we were first married.
I wonder what I'm going to do with my dining room wall!
I changed a flat tire last fall, all by myself!
I cry when I know I have to change something about myself.
I lose everything, all the time.
I leave things exactly where they fall or are placed.
I am a graduate student!!

Until I write again ...



Susie said...

this is my first visit to you and I am promptly and shamelessly stealing the meme as well..... it's awesome!
how's that for a first impression?

I love your NO SHOULDS!
I'm jealous--you're a grad student!
I said too much to my hubby--and he still married me!

Susie said...

OH, and you and I are the same donut! whoohoo!

brneyedgal967 said...

I love what you said - very honest. To me it says you live with no pretenses, you don't try to be something or someone you're not. You're aware of your flaws and that's okay, they make you real.

Fabulous meme. I may have to steal this. Things for sharing.

brneyedgal967 said...

errr Thanks for sharing. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's a universal human affliction to harbor small regrets.

Every time I am forced to consider myself, I sound just like you. I need to do this. I did too much of that, not enough of this.

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to say "I did this just right." I wonder.

I know this constant tendency to assess and correct helps me evolve . . . but dang, just once I'd like to be okay with the state I'm in right now. Isn't that called contentment?

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

dlyn said...

Love this. :)

Flea said...

Y'all are so insightful and kind. I did this this morning before I was really awake. Okay, I'm still not awake. And Magpie, I think I'm only really happy with something if it's smocking and I've worked with the right materials and thoroughly starched and pressed. That's something over which I have complete control. Otherwise, I think I'm learning to be content with not having it all or doing things right. Actually, that was the point of starting this blog - learning to be at home (read content) wherever I am. I think I may need to revisit that theme here shortly.

Off again! Steal away the meme!
and Sports Mama, I'm sorry I didn't link to you! I'll do that tonight.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm tagging you with the desktop meme. :o)

Karen said...

Interesting! It's amazing the things one learns about a bloggy friend through a meme.

OHmommy said...

Oh, I love knowing more about you. Brilliant, you are!

Burgh Baby said...

Congrats to your hubby!

That meme? Scares me. It looks hard.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Great meme, I loved reading your answers.

Anonymous said...

I think the small regrets become bigger in our own mind as we dwell on them. I've shared some with my adult children and they've always thought they were no big deal.

Thanks for sharing!

The Sports Mama said...

This was awesome! Loved your answers! :)

And no worries about linking me... :) (or not, as the case may be... hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making time for us this weekend. It was "heaven on earth" to spend time with ya'll.

I'm the same donut too.

Love the cows.