Friday, March 21, 2008

Day One

I am so torn. We're here in Louisiana, I'm sitting at a desk in a hotel, I have a disk full of pictures. Some are family in the car, some are Fred and Bessie on the road (they're having a great time, loving all of the attention), but I think the last two will win. The two cars in the parking lot here at the hotel in Central Louisiana.

Oh yeah, the cars win. Check 'em out:

We pulled into the parking lot and I wondered what the heck they had on their heads, so to speak. The Hunny takes a look and says, "Look! It's the Google satellite cars!" I haven't looked it up yet, seeing as I want to sleep right now, but he said something about this project to do a 360 thing around the country. I'm clueless. But they were identical Chevy's, both with California plates. both with those weird things up on top. Here's another shot of their funky roofs:

Wild, huh? On that note I go to bed. Can some curious person out there, who might have a moment or two, or perhaps who has already heard about this project, do a little digging? I'm curious. Thanks!

Until I write again ...



imbeingheldhostage said...

Flea, I tried-- really. Nothing I like more than a challenge to research something. I don't know if it was the three visitors I got while trying or the motrin numbing my brain, but I didn't find it. I'll be back to see when someone does.

Anonymous said...
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Harmony said...

Here is something I foung on the cars:

Marguerite said...

It's a project for Google Maps to show a street-level view. If you zoom in as far as you can go, they have certain areas they have mapped with these cars using a 360° camera. You can see what's happening on the street and even "drive" along the street to see buildings, people, etc. I think they are working on adding in all the major cities and then I'm sure they might work on every road. Don't know how long that will take though.

How cool that they are in Louisiana. :)