Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Job Well Done ... Well, Done

Man alive! If I weren't such a good wife (all together now - aaawwww!), I'd be upstairs taking pictures. My Hunny is replacing the children's toilet.

We purchased this house in December of '06. It was a foreclosure and had been a rental for about a decade. We got a great deal buying it "as is". It's enormous for us, at about 2,300 square feet, and the yard is huge! Big enough for vegetable gardens. That there is a picture of one of my bounteous cherry tomatoes from last year. Hee. But "as is" does not pertain to size.

Have you seen my dining room wall? I stripped the wallpaper when we moved in, only to find that the drywall had never been primed. What a mess! Yes, it is still a mess. It needs to be textured (I'll do it one day - honest) and wainscoted. But it is also the "Bad Day" wall, perfect for beginning artists. Or frustrated mommies. See the bare drywall toward the bottom of my daisy? Grrr.

When we purchased the house we knew we'd be replacing the carpets before moving in. It looked like someone had rebuilt an engine in the living room. And the house smelled like a rabbit hutch. While removing the carpet we found piles of gerbil food under the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms. But none of the under flooring smelled, so yay! And because of the cost of flooring an entire house, I had to settle for more carpet. Made me very sad. One day, though. One day, I'll have tile and wood. Really. With the carpet in, the house seems almost done.

But there have been consistent problems with the bathrooms in this house. The toilets both back up frequently. The upstairs bath has always had water on the floor somewhere, but with three kids showering, we've just assumed they were the problem. The shower faucet upstairs drips, and we've replaced the shower head. The sink, just today, was unclogged by the Hunny. Yay! Our bathroom - the one with the huge pink jacuzzi tub? - is butt ugly and its mother dresses it funny. Who on earth puts in a rose pink tub and counter? And blue wallpaper with pink
roses! Ugh! The only water issue we DON'T have is the kitchen, where the Hunny has already replaced my faucet and disposal.

So the upstairs toilet, we find today, has a cracked tank. Just cracked enough to make small puddles every few minutes. Or large lakes when no one's up there. Which explains the water spots on my dining room ceiling! You! In the cheap seats! Stop laughing! And the Hunny decided that it had to be fixed TODAY. By him. So of course he drove to Lowes for a new potty.

Oh, what the heck. I'm giving you all pictures. You're friends. And you won't show anyone else, right? You love me. Really you do. Here's the progression so far: The boxes for the new toilet, in bone (I hate bone fixtures, but there's no white in that bathroom and I don't see us replacing everything any time soon).

Then the Hunny and Oatmeal Head installing the base. I can barely see Oatmeal Head in those camo pants. Do you see anyone there?

Oh! And the old base, sitting in the tub. Attractive, isn't it? Eeeeewwwwww!!! I wonder who's cleaning up after all is said and done?

Here is the toilet, nearly done. Doesn't my Hunny look smart and productive? Not a plumber's crack in sight.

Aaaaaaannnnd .... the finished installation! Yay!!! Pretty. I wish you could hear these two as they work, making weird noises and laughing. Oatmeal Head will be 14 in a month and is enjoying working with dad to repair and replace around the house. And the two of them enjoying their guy humor. Makes a mama proud.

Guess what the Hunny is doing right now? Go on, guess! He's asking Little Guy to christen the new toilet! And it sounds like Little Guy is ready and willing. That's my boy! Well, until the Hunny told him they weren't leaving the room, and that mom would be up with the camera to document the first use of the potty. Boys will be boys. *sigh*

Until I write again ...



~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Aaaawww...what inspiration your Hunny is for mine! We need...really, REALLY need an overhaul in the bath area. Thanks for trusting us with the underbelly of your project. So...did Little Guy christen or CHRISTEN the potty?

Mom Knows Everything said...

My hubby is a sweet sweet man, but totally inept when it comes to doing stuff like that. LOL

CanadianMama said...

I was impressed with the lack of crack! As you know we are also going through renos and I've seen a lot of crack lately - you should be happy that your husband is handy and also has pants that fit him. Very rare!

Flea said...

I think the key here, ladies, is that my Hunny sat on the floor, never giving an opportunity for a crack shot. I'm so grateful. :)

And SS, he didn't after all. Turns out he just needed to stretch his legs. So the Hunny christened (little c) it.

brneyedgal967 said...

Confuscious Says:

"He who stands on toilet is high on pot."

I don't know why I remembered that - an old joke I wore out in middle school. Sheesh, I should grow up sometime.

Yay for men. Honestly. I'd have wet floors and would just have to go pee in a hole in the yard. LOL

Flea said...

Girl! I do NOT pee in a hole in the yard! When we go camping I HAVE to have access to a potty! Hiking? I wait till we find a potty. No peeing in the woods for this bear! If it had come down to it, I'd have changed out the toilet myself. Or driven to the McDonald's on the corner. :)

AutoSysGene said...

Your daisy is beautiful! Enjoy the new potty!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, this is bringing back memories! Who puts pink commodes in a bathroom? Probably the same people who put the blue stuff in our 1964 asbestos-loving home (back in the U.S.). Only ours was a wall mount (why?!) that was going to cost over $600.00 to replace. So we tiled , painted, installed new everything-- around a blue toilet. Your bone looks lovely. And thank the hubby for sitting and not having a plumber's crack please. :-)

Anonymous said...

Some men just don't have it... plumber's crack that is. The Olde Goat doesn't. My dad was born with it however and I watched him work on many a bathroom. So I'm accustomed to the unacceptable!

And... he's from Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh... home maintenance. Last summer we did a lot of remodeling and had a toilet sitting in our front room on the bare subfloor for quite a few days... then it was moved down to the concrete slab while the bathroom it was from was being completely ripped out. Fun times. Wish it was all done but... nope.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Hey, when you guys get that house into the home you are working on, the rewards will just be so HUGE!

Lori said...

Oh, home improvements. We have a list a mile long. We LOVE our house, but it needs updates. I have painted some and we replaced the kitchen sink and cabinet knobs, but so much more to do. We eventually want hardwood floors and tile, too.
So cool your hubby and OH working together. My little guy likes to help Daddy, too. Yeah for Father-Son bonding!

Mary said...

hahahahahaha my friend said that Chris looks like Tourettes Guy. Just Google it, if you don't know. It's annoying. Love ya!

Wineplz said...

all I see is a floating Oatmeal Head t-shirt! where's his legs??? :)